About William Slusher - writer

So who's this writer guy, Bill Slusher?

Hi Folks,

I'm a westerner, born the year of the atomic bomb, raised and educated in the great American South. I'm a Vietnam veteran US Army helicopter pilot, and a retired police/medevac pilot who's done a whole lot else in between.

I've written editorial letters and columns published in many newspapers nationwide for forty years. I've had five novels published (detailed below), and I have written two screenplays, some poetry (hell, we all think we're poets ...), many short stories and a novella.

I'm not a writer from the New York literati crowd, which I doubt keeps that august group awake at night. I don't write to lecture you, to campaign on social issues or even to enlighten you, per se. I write to entertain you, to leave your life maybe a little richer for having read my work.

My goal as a writer is not to impress some insulated reviewer who got his book for free (but if any of you reviewers I send free books to feel an overwhelming urge to be impressed with my work and rave about it, I promise to grovel in adulation like any other writer ...).

No, my goal is to write so when a reader has spent their hard-earned money on one of my stories, they read it through eagerly and say "Damn, that was good. That book was worth my time and dime."

If I can achieve that, Then I can live without being studied in universities as the literary icon of my time.

Toward this end, I extend my deepest gratitude to so many of you who have enjoyed my books and have taken your valuable time to tell me so. I appreciate it enormously.

My newest novel, CASCADE CHAOS, Or How Not To Put Your Grizzly In The Statehouse, an irreverent, fun, political comedy (2010, Country Messenger Press), is a humor/comedy category finalist selection for the 2011 New Generation Independent Book Awards in New York.

My novel FOR WHOM TO DIE (2009, Country Messenger Press), was also named a finalist selection in multicultural fiction at the 2010 New Generation Independent Book Awards in New York.

I was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association's 2009 Literary Competition, for my short story, BOOGEYMENS (to be published in an upcoming collection of my short stories).

SHEPHERD OF THE WOLVES was my first novel in 1995, published by Pocketbooks. It's a down-and-dirty southern law enforcement tale featuring the sheriff of an isolated Virginia mountain county.

BUTCHER OF THE NOBLE, published in 1998 by Pocketbooks, was a sequel to SHEPHERD OF THE WOLVES. www.amazon.com/Butcher-Noble-Slusher/dp/0671895451

TALON FORCE - MELTDOWN was published in 2001. It was one of a series of Penguin-Putnam's Talon Force military action-adventure stories written as Cliff Garnett.

My three older books can still be had from Amazon.com. CASCADE CHAOS and FORWHOM TO DIE can be ordered from your neighborhood bookstore, from the publisher Country Messenger Press Publishing Group (www.cmppg.com/), and from Amazon.com as well.

Film and publishing interests, I own all film, electronic and publishing rights to my novels.

I can be reached at williamslusher@live.com .

Thanks for checking me out! I wish you great reading.

- Bill

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